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  • What is the average shelf life of Protein Bakes treats?
    The average shelf life of our boxes is one week when kept in the fridge. As they are all made with natural ingredients, there’s no added preservatives which means that the shelf life for them isn’t as long as your average chocolate bar. However, the great thing about them is they can all be frozen! If you want to try one warm then pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds once taken out of the freezer.
  • What box options do you currently have?
    We currently have a large selection box of 12 and a smaller selection 6 pack box.
  • Can I mix and match flavours?
    Of course you can! We want you to be able to sample as many of our flavours as possible. If you purchase our large 12 pack selection box you can mix up to 4 flavours. If you purchase the smaller 6 pack selection box you can mix up to 3 flavours.
  • How long will delivery take?
    All deliveries are sent out first class on Thursday. They take 1-2 days to arrive. The bakes are freshly made at the start of each week. We are looking to add another delivery day in earlier in the week, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Do you meet necessary food hygiene standards?
    Absolutely! We have been awarded a 4 star rating by the Food Standards Agency.
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