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Since the start of the business in July 2020, we have been invited to cater our innovative protein bites at a number of celebrated health and wellness retreats, gym’s, bootcamps & fitness events all across London & Essex. 

Our experience doesn't stop there, we cater for private events including birthdays and private fitness events for those who want scrumptious treats to serve guests, but totally guilt free!

We are entirely flexible, and would love to discuss how we could bring Protein Bakes to your event.  We cater UK wide to anything from corporate, hospitality, birthday parties, health and wellness events.

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Fitness First Manager

Having worked in the fitness industry for nearly 15 years I have tried almost every variation of protein snack and bar. I highly recommend these to all my friends whether they train or not as Protein Bakes are a fabulous alternative to snacking on unhealthy food, you will kill the craving for something sweet while having a healthy bake…what more could you ask for? Love them!

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