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Explore our selection of 7 indulgent flavours, available in both whey and vegan options


Our Philosophy

Protein Bakes is built on passion and determination to provide healthier treats to curb your chocolate or sugary snack craving, while still tasting like your favourite treat. For all the people that want to reduce the amount of sweets and biscuits the family are eating instead of reaching for the sugary snack that gives you a sugar rush and leaves you feeling tired and sluggish afterwards...



'Literally the BEST healthy snack if you have a sweet tooth!! The birthday cake tastes like actual cake! I was shocked when I had my first one, in a good way!"

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Fitness First General Manager

Having worked in the fitness industry for nearly 15 years I have tried almost every variation of protein snack and bar. All the current bars/snacks all have the same powder texture apart from protein bakes. Not only are they ridiculously tasty but actually really healthy. I don’t like starting my day without a Protein Bake for my post-gym breakfast snack.

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"They are so much better than the protein balls you get in the shop. They’re full of flavour, and they aren’t dry or have a weird after taste like the other balls I’ve tried! I will definitely be ordering more."

What our customers say...

Fitness Events

Healthy bakes for all occassions

Not only do we deliver tasty treats directly to your door, we also work very closely with the fitness industry, putting on taster events, working with gyms to provide you with delicious, healthy protein fuelled treats throughout your workout. 

If you're in the UK and would like to see our protein bakes at your gym or wellness retreat, or if you are throwing a fitness event and would like a healthy option - please get in contact at

Instagram: @protein_bakes

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